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The Pocket Guide

Climbing Guide for Krabi and Thailand

The Pocket Guide

Our rock climbing guide for Krabi and Thailand is called “the Pocket Guide” and is fresh of the press and available now. This is our 2024 updated 8th edition. 

As the name says its pocket sized. So it is very small and dose not weigh much. Perfect to take to the crags. It is jammed packed with all the information you need and lots of other information too. Detailed maps, very detailed topo, local information, travel information and a grade conversion scale. General climbing information for the area. Information about local dangers like animals but also which bolt not to use.

The “The Pocket Guide” is very easy to read and navigate this jungle of routes. It has 244 pages of detailed information for over 1000 routes in Railay/ Tonsai, Also around 200 routes in parts of North and South Thailand.

Where to find

On our web-page we have outlined some of the basic information from the guide book. However it is best that you have a rock climbing guidebook of the area when at the crags. As route finding can be difficult with the multitude of routes,

Our rock climbing guide for Krabi and Thailand is available for 1000 THB  (about $28) at most shops at Tonsai and Railay Beach.

Find The Pocket Guide on Tonsai Beach at: The Rock Shop, and Freedom Bar.

Where to find the Pocket Guide on Railay Beach at: Hot Rocks Climbing Shop, Rai-Lay Climbing Shop, Sea Cliff Climbing Shop, and Hightland Climbing Shop.

Order by Mail: Purchase your copy of The Pocket Guide from home! If you want to get your book before arriving in Thailand, send an email to making a request. You’ll receive a PayPal bill shortly later for 1000THB (plus shipping fee depending on your address). After funds have been deposited, we’ll send you the book straight to your door.

Shipping fees: USA, North and South America +500 THB, Middle East +500THB, Europe +400THB, South East Asia +300THB, Thailand +100THB

Delivery time: expect 2-3 weeks for shipping after funds have been received.

Note: Having a Pay Pal account is required.

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TAT License 30/08427

TAT License 30/08427